Although Manchester United finished last season so strong and squeezed into the Top 3 last year which at Christmas looked as if was an impossible task, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had turned the team into what seems to be a title-challenging side which the way they were playing football, but with doubts creeping into the United fanbase over the summer, there is even more pressure to deliver this season.

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The main worry that United fans seem to be having this season is that they haven’t been as productive in the transfer window as some of their rivals. If United are to challenge for the Premier League title and do well in the Champions League, then they need to match the squads of those who have been competing to the end in these competitions like Man City, Liverpool and Bayern Munich. As shown below in a tweet shows the transfer activity of their rivals Chelsea who finished below them and they’ve trusted their manager to spend money to develop them as a squad further – this isn’t the case with United as shown below.

The main transfer saga that has frustrated United fans is the Jadon Sancho saga which seems so certain at the beginning of the summer, with Sancho basically coming out and saying he wanted to sign for the Red Devils but is happy in Dortmund. United are arguing with Dortmund about the transfer fee and they believe it should be lowered due to the global pandemic and with them being about £20million out from Dortmund’s valuation. This frustration comes from the fans as they believe a man of Sancho’s quality is worth the extra money and should be paid straight away.

With United’s first game in the Premier League being a loss to Crystal Palace 3-1, the side looked tired, lethargic and poor if we are honest – definitely not that of a team that had just finished 3rd in the Premier League. United fans will be demanding answers from the Board because after last season’s successes, they’ll be annoyed if they aren’t going to be built on.