Despite a disruptive season for off-field reasons, this season has proven to be the one where Manchester United have taken great strides to becoming somewhat of a force again in the Premier League under the guidance of firm fan favourite Ole Gunner Solskjaer. Whilst it would be a stretch to consider them as possible title contenders next season with the gulf in quality still clear to see when comparing the Red Devils to both Manchester City and runaway champions Liverpool this season.

Leading pundits who are known to have strong associations with Manchester United, such as Gary Neville have praised United this season, especially in the second half, but Neville has also come out and pleaded with United bosses arguing that only a significant summer transfer spend, speculated at around £160,000,000 would be enough to potentially close the gap on both City and Liverpool next time around. Whether United bosses are willing to spend so generously, without selling off some key assets, remains to be seen and as yet they have remained tight lipped.

As with any summer break, the newspapers are already filling column inches with transfer stories; some of which appear to hold weight, whilst others require a little more suspension of belief to be taken seriously. One which appears to be almost a done deal however, is Sancho to the reds with the Dortmund star appearing to be on his with out with Dortmund set to accept United’s latest offer. It is thought that Jordan Sancho was initially keen on a British move to Champions Liverpool but this never really gathered any pace after Manchester United’s latest bid has been all but accepted.

One thing is certain though; the Red Devils will need additional fire power if they are going to make a legitimate challenge next season. With betting odds for next season already out and some bookmakers already pricing them outside 20/1 – it seems punter will be restricted to only football free bets if they choose to back an unlikely United title assault. Sancho appears to be an excellent starting base; but he himself will not be enough to bridge the gap between United and the two leading teams in English football.