The France midfielder has been out of action since December but will be back working with his team-mates soon.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer anticipates Paul Pogba to return to Manchester United training next week, but the trainer must contend with new injury concerns surrounding Anthony Martial.

France midfielder Pogba hasn’t featured for United since December 26 because of an ankle injury, limiting him to only eight appearances for the club this year.

Pogba’s absence has lasted much longer than anticipated, but Solskjaer is excited to see him back together with his team-mates soon.

He also confirmed, however, that Pogba’s fellow France celebrity Martial, who has four goals out of his last six appearances, will be missing for Thursday’s Europa League tie against LASK.

“Anthony hurt himself when he slipped into the article [against Manchester City], so he isn’t prepared for this match,” Solskjaer said before this first-leg battle with the Austrian outfit. “Hopefully for Sunday, but not certain.

“Paul is getting closer, but not ready yet he has not trained with the group yet, but by next week he is going to be ready.”

Thursday’s game in Austria will go ahead behind closed doors due to concerns about the coronavirus, UEFA has confirmed.

Solskjaer admits it’ll be strange not having the fans there and he expects his players can compensate for the lack of atmosphere in the stadium.

“The players are focused on focusing at work, these are difficult circumstances for all of society,” he said. “For us we just need to do what we’re told and get on with the match.

“We will need to produce our own atmosphere inside the game. They’re utilized to training with no spectators, we perform quite a bit of behind closed door friendlies, and I don’t have any doubt my players are all set to carry out even though there are no spectators there.

“Of course it’ll be strange. This makes for a stranger setting, we’re just going to get the most out of it.

“We do not know what will happen, we just need to get on with it. I believe football is all about fans, without fans it’s nothing. It must always be for them. A challenging situation but the boys are extremely good at focusing on the task in hand.

“At the moment I’m not aware of any decision being made for next week’s match [in Old Trafford]. We must wait for the government and the authorities to make their decisions.”