Jadon Sancho should stay with Borussia Dortmund for yet another year, based on Dimitar Berbatov, who doesn’t believe now is the perfect time for him to make a move to Manchester United.

The 20-year-old was playing another stellar season in Germany prior to the coronavirus ceased drama in March, with led 17 goals and 19 assists to Dortmund’s trigger across all contests.

The Premier League was mooted since the most likely landing place for Sancho, who climbed through the youth ranks at Manchester City prior to going to Germany in 2017.

United are one of those being heavily connected together with all the England global, as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer proceeds a squad reconstructs at Old Trafford centred about targeting youthful, homegrown talent.

Regardless of his previous links with the Manchester outfit, Berbatov has advised Sancho to keep his development in Dortmund, while indicating that he would struggle to fit into Solskjaer’s present starting XI.

“Sancho moved to Germany in a really young age and it seems to be paying off hugely in the manner which he’s growing,” that the ex-United striker informed Betfair.

“That was possibly the best choice he’s made up to now, to move there and play because I believe that he, his representative and loved ones knew he had been good enough to play with, so when somebody is not giving you an opportunity at the same location needless to say you go and find someplace to play it was a wonderful choice on his role, he’s growing and big teams are coming .

“I really don’t know if now is the ideal time for him to visit Manchester United, I’ve said it earlier, I have my doubts because at United there is Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Daniel James.

“It is very good to have competition for your group but I’d imagine if he moves into a new location he’d wish to play every match, but turning is a frequent thing currently in football.

“From this perspective, you can not guarantee that a participant will perform, but I believe we must choose that assumption, enormous money and he’d love to perform with.

“For me personally, he’s going to decide on the team he knows he’s going to play with. Not to proceed and do nothing since that will stop his advancement.

“That is why I think that it can be better to allow him to remain at Dortmund for an additional year, why not?”

Berbatov added on his own knowledge from the Bundesliga assisted him to understand how significant playing week in, week out could be for sin:”When I was a young player in Germany, in precisely the exact same era as Sancho, my head was just on me growing.

“I was not considering transports, I had been joyful at [Bayer] Leverkusen had been playing every match and in the event that you truly love soccer that’s what you really wish to do.

“Sancho has been around because 2017 and it is vital to understand when is the ideal time to remain or move since this can occasionally can make or break a career.”