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Man United Analysis is the number one website for all your detailed needs regarding the latest news and transfer rumours surrounding the Old Trafford behemoths as we aim to provide you, the reader, with something different to what the mainstream media and everybody else looks to offer you.

Although the opinion content is a usual piece to be written by almost every single website on the internet, we look to take a different approach and provide you with an informed argument and discussion that leaves you with more answers, rather than leaving you scratching your head and asking even more questions than you were in the first place!

If Manchester United have been linked with a player that can supposedly ‘transform’ their side, we will have created an article on that individual to provide you with all the data to prove or even dispel that claim and provide the basis of some thought-provoking discussions.

Is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer getting things right? You can bet we have produced an article here on Man United Analysis looking at the Norwegian legend in finer detail and working out what is exactly happening at Old Trafford.

Pundits appear to be able to say whatever they want these days, but do they actually know what they are saying most of the time? We take their views and look to support or write off their point by using all the analytical tools available providing you the reader with, perhaps, a more informed point of view.

So, as we look to educate and teach you to look at the opinions surrounding Manchester United in an analytical way, we also look to leave you with more answers rather than questions that can sometimes be left unanswered.

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